Our Privacy Policy

This article explains the privacy policy of London Minicab Service in great detail. We have shown how carefully the data of the customer is used for booking purposes. Moreover, the customers of London Minicab Service reserve the right over information that they have shared for pre-booking.

Images, Picture and Photos:

If you go through the website of London Minicab Service so you will find a lot of pictures that explain the nature f our 24 hours Cab service in London. We have gathered pictures from numerous sources. One of the major contributors of the images is Stock Photography. Many images have been purchased from them for our website. The other pictures were either downloaded or copied from various dependable sites. London Minicab Service gives credit to the contributor of picture by pasting the source link with each photo. If you have seen a picture on our website which you do not want us to display then contact us straightaway. Eventually, we will quickly remove and delete that image form our databases and website.

Content that we write:

The content of London Minicab Service is absolutely unique and comprehensible. With the assistance of various writing tools, we have come up with the content that is creative and incomparable. Conceptualisation and innovation have been facilitating the development of new content. Our foremost emphasis is on the uniqueness of the content and we also use the tool of paraphrasing to formulate innovative content.


When you visit a website through internet facility, the cookies play their roles efficiently. The provision of complete information is facilitated through the cookies on a website. Cookies store important pieces of information that are saved by the computer, mobile or tablet. To provide comprehensive details regarding the London Minicab Service, the cookies are used. Moreover, you come across an option through which the cookies can be blocked or disabled. However, we discourage this act because it will hide significant bits of data which would be essential for your knowledge regarding London Minicab Service.

Booking Data

London Minicab Service collects the following data for booking purposes:
  • Basic information is required when a customer chooses to pay through Card. We will keep his/her personal information highly confidential.
  • Apart from the name and basic details of customers, we require their email address as well so that we sent them information about new services, digital receipts, booking details, marketing and announcement purposes.
  • We require the customer’s name, flight number, contact information, pick up and drop off locations details.
  • The customer information will always be protected from intrusion. London Minicab Service will never transfer your personal information to any third-party according to our privacy policy.
  • We need information for setting up an account through which online payments are regulated. One of the safest payment methods is the strip payment method.
  • Your credit card or debit card details will never be saved by London Minicab Service. The information is required for online payments and are saved for short period of time. We do not store your payment information. Moreover, if you do not want to know about our services and discount packages then you can easily hinder the process by clicking on the link at the bottom of email to unsubscribe.
  • We can understand the security concerns of our passengers and to protect them, we delete their record from our database.
  • London Minicab Service give you the right over your information which was shared with us for booking purposes.
  • We require your flight number so that we are able to track your flight timetable.
  • The flight details are necessary for London Minicab Service so that we efficiently use the flight monitoring facility to sent vehicles at the accurate time to your pick up location.
  • After placing reservation, you will receive booking confirmation details instantaneously through email. We request you to thoroughly read the details and identify errors on time.
The European Union citizens reserve the below-mentioned rights:
  • You can hinder us from using your information for any commercial, marketing or promotional purposes.
  • You have the right to question London Minicab Service about its methods of data collection and storage. You can interrogate us for the ways in which we utilize or store your data.
  • Being a European Union citizen, you can always request London Minicab Service to remove your personal information permanently from its records. We care for your safety concerns and will delete your record immediately from our database.
  • For booking purposes, you can provide only the basic information and you will get an instant quote with London Minicab Service.
  • You can limit the provision of data for booking purposes. You can restrict London Minicab Service from collection of data.
  • If your privacy is invaded by any third-party, you can make a complaint to the Data Protection to prevent data intrusion in future.
  • It is completely your choice to conceal or reveal more about yourself during booking procedure.