Terms And Conditions

In order to avail the London Minicabs.me.uk service, your agreement to the below-mentioned terms and conditions is essential. If you have placed reservation for London Minicabs.me.uk service, it will show your compliance to these terms and conditions.

1) Definitions:

London Minicabs and ‘we’ or ‘us’ will be a reference to our London Minicabs.me.uk service. While, on the other hand, ‘you’ or ‘your’ will be a reference to the passenger/customer who wants to avail our 24 hours Cab service in London.

2) Booking:

2.1 The selection of appropriate vehicle in accordance with budget, number of passengers and luggage size will be done by the customer. London Minicabs.me.uk service will take no responsibility for accommodation of an extra luggage or passenger. We will closely follow and cater for the travel-related requirements that you have asked for during reservation process. Moreover, your child (no matter which age group he/she belongs to) will be considered a passenger.

2.2 If you require punctual transfers then you must allocate the time accordingly. Planning your journey is your responsibility. Likewise for airport transfers, you will have to carefully allocate time so that you never miss out your flight. In case of unwanted delays or inefficient allocation of time from your side, London Minicabs.me.uk service will not take the responsibility. If you intend to reach promptly, then the pick up and travel time must be planned and aligned with your plan.

2.3 London Minicabs.me.uk service will add comfort to your journey through provision of travel-related accessories. We provide wheelchairs, baby seats and bags on demand.

3) Prices and Payments:

3.1 We stress upon the fact that the service of London Minicabs.me.uk is dependent on the details given by customer during booking procedure. All the travel-related requirements are mentioned in the travel quote which will be provided by our London Minicabs.me.uk service. We charge fare prices that are exclusive of (Value Added Tax) VAT. In certain cases, when the VAT is applied so it is added to the basic fare price. If you have altered the itinerary then London Minicabs.me.uk service will amend the quotation accordingly.

3.2 London Minicabs.me.uk service offers free of charge 30 minutes waiting time after you land at the airport. The travel quote compromises of the parking costs as well. However, you will not be surcharged if the waiting time is more than the duration of 30 minutes. Being a responsible local Minicab company in London, we closely monitor your flight timetable so that the London City Cabs are sent on time to your pick up location. If the flight timetable changes, we will not apply additional charges in fact your travel quote will be amended. Although, London Minicabs.me.uk service is not obliged for such facilitations however, we intend to add comfort to your journey.

3.4 When you are done with all the requirements for booking, you will receive the booking confirmation details instantaneously through email. You are requested to thoroughly read the details and identify errors if you come across any. We request you to inform us about mistakes without any delay for corrections on time.

3.5 London Minicabs.me.uk service offers variety of payment methods including Credit card, Debit Card, PayPal, Bank transfers or cash payment to the driver.

4) The Service:

4.1 When you are travelling with children, they need to be restrained according to their weight, height and age.

4.2 We accommodate the passengers/customers according to their license limits and insurance capacity.

4.3 During your journey with London Minicabs.me.uk service, you are not allowed to drink, smoke or eat.

5) Cancellations:

5.1 Whenever you plan to cancel your ride with London Minicabs.me.uk, you are supposed to inform us through call or email. You need to contact the operator as soon as possible to prevent additional charges. If the vehicle has been dispatched from the control room to your pick up location then certain charges will apply in order to compensate the distance travelled and time spent by the driver. If you inform us timely about your cancellation of booking then we will arrange a cost-free cancellation.

5.2 In case of online booking procedure, you will be charged for cancellation of your reservation. Even if the vehicle is in the control room, you will be charged for your cancellation request.

6) Liability:

6.1 Your luggage is your responsibility so you should take care of it.

6.2 London Minicabs.me.uk service assures timely arrivals, punctuality and dependability. In case of delays from your side, our London Cab service will not take any responsibility. You must allocate your time efficiently so that you do not experience unwanted delays and surcharges. If the losses or damages are from your side then London Minicabs.me.uk service is not liable to compensate.

6.3 If our vehicle breaks down or there is any other problem then our London Minicabs.me.uk service will promptly amend your booking by providing another driver and vehicle. These arrangements will be done on legal basis as our fast-paced Minicabs in London will promptly and safely transfer you to and from any area in United Kingdom.

6.4 If due to omissions from your side there is an occurrence of damage or any other mishap then you will not be liable to compensate.

6.5 In case of death or even minor injuries, your liability will not be excluded or limited. You must pay for the losses arising from corruption, dishonesty or carelessness from your side.

7) Termination:

7.1 London Minicabs.me.uk service holds the right to terminate or refuse your reservation. If the driver feels uncomfortable or is abused by the passenger then your booking will be terminated instantaneously. In these cases, the service charges will not be repaid.

8) Miscellaneous:

8.1 As per the agreement between London Minicabs.me.uk service and you, we have the right of practicing the self-contracting of the obligations. You do not hold the right to delegate, transfer or assign the right that were given to you by London Minicabs.me.uk service.

8.2 Your data is collected, stored and processed as per the guidelines of Data Protection Act of 1988. Your information will remain secure and protected from invasion.

8.3 London Minicabs.me.uk service has the right to bring changes into its terms and conditions with the passage of time. You are requested to visit our website on regular basis to keep yourself updated regarding the policies. The service charges will be decided in accordance with the applicable rates at the time of booking.

8.4 Your consent will be observed through the agreement between you and London Minicabs.me.uk service. When you pre-book our service, it will refer to the fact that you comply with the aforementioned policies of London Minicabs.me.uk service.

8.5 These terms and conditions will not benefit any third party. Also, no third part can ever enforce these regulations on anyone. We do not incorporate the presence of any third party. This agreement will have you and London Minicabs.me.uk service on board.

9) Disputes:

Under the jurisdiction of English law, this agreement between you and London Minicabs.me.uk service will be finalized. In case of disputes or other issues, we are bound to abide by the jurisdiction.